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The Trent's Logo

150 Trents Road,
Christchurch 7676,
New Zealand

Trent’s Estate Vineyard Web site is located at:

You may contact us by phone on: (03) 349 6940 or 021 112 3591
You may contact us by email at: 

We collect email addresses from enquirers and those requesting to receive email newsletters.

We collate this information to:

Enable us to respond to enquirers.

Send newsletters to those who have made a request.

No information is shared or sold to any third party company.

We will immediately remove you from our database if requested.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, it will be handled by Trent’s Estate Vineyard’s Director.

We only use cookies on our Web site to help us monitor its performance.
No personal information about visitors to our Web site is stored within our cookies.

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