Wedding Menu Beverage List

Trents offer BYO for both bubbly and still wines at the lesser of $10 per person or $10 per bottle corkage. We are happy to offer guidance on popular wine varieties and quantities of each normally used. If you run short, we can provide wines at the prices noted below.

You can request an update on your bar tab at any time and switch to a cash bar if you wish. Spirits are usually individual cash sales, but can be included in the bar tab for some or all of your guests if you wish.

Trents also offer beverage packages if you wish to have a fixed price for alcohol. These packages run from after the ceremony until 11:30 p.m. Water and juice or non-alcoholic punch are available from guest arrival.

Beer & Juice Package – $35pp
This package includes the standard and premium beers (Speights, Export Gold, Heineken and Corona), Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks and Sparkling Grape Juice, but excludes the Craft Beers, Spirits, Sparkling and Still Wines, which remain available for purchase as requested.

This Package is designed for those who wish to BYO their own wines but would like to have a fixed package price for other drinks. Our charge is based on all guests over 18 years old, with the younger guests drinking non-alcoholic beverages at no charge.

All Beverage Package – $60pp
This package includes all beverages from the Beer & Juice Package, plus Lindauer Bubbly and the Giesen Estate still Wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Pinot Noir).

Standard Beers – $6
Speights and DB Export Gold

Premium Beers – $7
Heineken and Corona

Craft Beers – $8
Macs Green Beret India Pale Ale and Macs Hop Rocker Pilsner

Lindauer Bubbly – $30 per bottle
Giesen Estate Wines – $30 per bottle

All served as doubles unless otherwise requested

Standard Spirits – $9
Jim Beam Bourbon, Famous Grouse Whisky, Gin, Vodka

Premium Spirits – $10
Jack Daniels Bourbon, Baileys, Tequila, Blue Sapphire Gin, Pink Gin

Single Malt Whiskies – selection varies, individually priced

Soft Drinks – $4
Coke, Coke No Sugar, Sprite, Sprite No Sugar, Ginger Ale

Juice – $10 per litre
Orange & Mango

Punch – $10 per litre
Non-alcoholic punch made with cranberry juice, ginger ale, and passionfruit curd (minimum 10 litres)

Sparkling Grape Juice – $13.50 per bottle